Monday, June 12, 2017

Spooky: Setting the Scene and Mood in a Good Ghost Story

Children love a good ghost story - one that is scary, but not too scary. Half the fun and fright in a good ghost story is setting a scary scene and establishing a spooky tone or mood.
The following is a brief excerpt from the very first story in my book, Scary Ghosts and Playful Ghosts: Children’s Tales of Fright and Delight. 

“Their house had many gables and a castle-like attic tower that traced an eerie outline in the black night against the orange-n-golden glow of the moon. The house almost seemed to have a life of its own – its tell-tale heart strangely seeming to beat rhythmically – “thump, thump, thump”- from high atop the hill where it sat, sad and sullen. Its many stained  glass windows were like piercing, glistening, multi-colored eyes that kept wary watch over the valley below.”

Who do you suppose lived in this spooky looking house? What kinds of scary things do you think could have happened in the house? Were there monsters? Were there ghosts? I hope that you are intrigued and want to find out the answers to these questions.

The story that takes place in the  house described in the excerpt is called “The Haunted Toy Chest” and you can read it and many other stories about scary and playful ghosts in my book, Scary Ghosts and Playful Ghosts: Children’s Tales of Fright and Delight, published by Crimson Cloak Publishing. 

It is available through thousands of retailers, libraries, and Internet commerce companies in North America, Europe, the U.K. and Australia, including, but not limited to, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, and Apple.