Monday, January 4, 2016

Can Ghosts Really Blog?

Ghosts with Blogs is a blog site that, not only relates to the ghost stories and some of the ghosts in the stories from  my new book, Scary Ghosts and Playful Ghosts: Children's Tales of Fright and Delight, to  whom I will sometimes give a "blog voice" of their own, but it is also a blog that invites readers to post or share their own ghost experiences and/or beliefs. In addition, the blog will sometimes include excerpts from the book, as I have done near the bottom of this, the inaugural blog post. But first, a bit about the book:

“Tell me a scary story, but not too scary.” Such a plea is often made by children and teens. Scary Ghosts and Playful Ghosts: Children’s Tales of Fright and Delight satisfies such a request in a sometimes spooky, but always delightful way. Imagine the hair-raising delight when reading about such tales as a haunted toy chest, a house haunted with the spirit of a little girl, a ghost driving a car, a Tommy Knocker ghost haunting a West Virginia coal mine, or even a disembodied, big hairy toe! Within the covers of Scary Ghosts and Playful Ghosts: Children’s Tales of Fright and Delight, children will discover such spooky delightful tales and more. 

Scary Ghosts and Playful Ghosts: Children’s Tales of Fright and Delight, published by Crimson Cloak Publishing on November 1, 2015, is a collection of ghost stories targeted to upper elementary to middle school age students, as well as teens. The collection is divided into three parts. Part one, Scary Ghosts, offers three stories about scarier haunting experiences that are guaranteed to give readers just the right amount of fright. They are a little scary, but “not too scary.” Part two, Playful Ghosts, offers three stories about more mischievous ghosts that will delight young readers. Part three is called Do Ghosts Really Exist? It offers researched evidential claims of both believers and non-believers in the existence of ghosts.  

The book received a five starred review from Reader's Favorite. (Click on the link, Reader's Favorite to read the review.)

The book was recently listed on the Book Club Reading List. (Click on the link, Book Club Reading List, to view the listing and information about the book. 

Scary Ghosts and Playful Ghosts: Children’s Tales of Fright and Delight is available through Ingrams, Amazon, (in both paperback and Kindle), Books-a-Million, Apple, and Barnes and Noble, in both paperback and Nook). Please click Amazon to follow the link to the book's listing there.
Though the book is a collection of ghost stories for children, there is also a researched chapter on the existence  or non existence of ghosts. I have included a brief excerpt from part of that chapter below: 

Do Ghosts Really Exist?

Hearing and reading ghost stories, such as the ones in parts one and two of this book, can be a fun and fascinating past time. However, have you ever wondered if ghosts really exist? Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe there are houses that are haunted? If you do, you have lots of company in your belief. A poll done a few years ago found that 37% of Americans believe in haunted houses. The poll also determined that one-third of Americans believe in ghosts, but there are many are many non-believers, as well. Both believers and non-believers claim to have convincing evidence to support their positions on the subject of the existence or non-existence of ghosts.

            The idea of ghosts has been a popular one for thousands of years. Ghosts have been in many stories, including many of Shakespeare’s plays and even the Holy Bible. Ghosts are the most common of supernatural beliefs. They are a part of an even larger group of mysteries and beliefs, such as near-death experiences, life after death, as well as communication with the spirit world. The idea that the dead somehow remain with us in spirit is an ancient one. It is a belief that offers many people comfort to think that their loved ones are still with them in some way.

            It may be helpful to first explain what a ghost is. Some people believe that ghosts are spirits of those who have died and that they, for some unknown reason, have become lost and are unable to find their way to The Other Side. Other people believe that ghosts are telepathic entities or beings projected into the world from within one’s own mind. Whatever they are, we do know that the idea of the existence of ghosts captures the imagination in a manner like no other.

Most people who do believe in ghosts do so because of some personal experience. Such people claim to have either seen or sensed an unexplained spirit or ghostly presence. Those who don’t believe in ghosts claim that there isn’t sufficient evidence to prove their existence. This chapter will present both sides of the issue.

Readers of this blog can find additional information about this book and my other children's books at my author website - Melissa Harker Ridenour Children's Books

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